Shed light on value, equity and net worth!

  • Provides a mean of analyzing your future needs mathematically
  • Helps provide adequate information for educational decisions
  • Employs pure logic and removes feelings and emotions
  • Will help enhance family values one house... one business at a time!
  • What's the right choice: renting, to be a homeowner or to become a landlord?
  • If money is not the factor, where will the crop harvest safely?
  • Who benefits in the long run: tenant, homeowner or landlord?
  • Mortgage interest rate and terms of loan agreement
  • When is it a good idea to rehab or flip a property?
  • How will I identify rehab or rentable properties?
  • How is maintenance cost derived?
  • Landlord material is readily available for apprenticeship
  • Ideas on how to protect investment properties
  • Suggestion on how to gain long-term tenants
  • Investor's communion can be beneficial
  • When will I need a property manager?

How do I proceed?

Planning on selling your house?

Make the house come to life, reduce clutter and showcase with pride.